Simha Lainer, the patriarch of the firm, was actively involved in developing real estate since the early 1950's. His hard work and strong intuition and business sense built the business from almost nothing.He passed away in August, 2006, at the age of 102, much loved, respected and missed.


Mark Lainer (Email mark@lainerdevelopment.com) graduated from Harvard Law School in 1963, after receiving a degree in accounting at U.C.L.A. He was a Law Clerk in the Appellate Department of the Superior Court of Los Angeles and then a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California until early 1968 when he joined his father in the real estate business.


Nahum Lainer (Email: nahum@lainerdevelopment.com), a Certified Public Accountant, joined the business in 1967, having worked with the accounting firm of Kenneth Leventhal & Co. from 1963 until that time. He received a Bachelor's Degree in 1963 and a Master of Business Administration in 1964, both from U.C.L.A.


Luis Lainer (Email: luis@lainerdevelopment.com) received an A.B. degree from Columbia in 1965 and his LL.B.from Yale Law School in 1968. He also received a Master of Law degree from New York University Law School. Prior to joining the business in 1974, he was a member of a law firm in Century City.


Jeff Lainer, (Email: jeff@lainerdevelopment.com) Mark's son, joined the business in 1993. Prior to that he worked for a regional bank doing financial/credit analysis. Jeff received his Bachelor's Degree in 1989 and a Master of Business Administration in 1990, both from the University of Texas.


Nancy Lainer, (Email: nancy@lainerdevelopment.com) Nahumís daughter, received an AB from Harvard University in 1997, and a dual Masters degree in Urban Planning and in Real Estate Development from USC in 2005.Prior to joining the business, Nancy worked as a project manager for a private commercial real estate developer in New York, NY.